Hey beau-teas!

Did you know that tea is the second most-consumed drink in the world after water? This drink is adored for its taste, of course, but also for its miraculous properties on overall health and body.

With about 3 billion cups of tea drunk every day, why not extend the virtues of this plant and introduce it into the world of cosmetics? It is therefore from a passion for tea, beauty, and innovation that Teaology has taken shape.

We had the desire to offer unique cosmetics by returning to the basics of beauty and by taking advantage of the wonders of nature and enriching them with modern know-how and innovative technologies.

Our research led us to the creation of skin products concocted from the benefits of the various types of tea. Four colors with different personalities and different benefits that are at the base of our inspirations.

Green tea; the most known.

An extraordinary medicinal plant that contains a high source of antioxidants. Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, good for digestion, the immune system, which activates the metabolism and so on.

Green tea is an ally of weight for our health, but what are its beauty assets? It enhances skin radiance, purifies, firms and detoxifies the epidermis, not to mention its actions against skin cells aging.

White tea; the most precious.

Produced only from young sprouts and the most tender leaves of tea plants, white tea is known for its antioxidant properties, is, in fact, the most powerful source found in nature.

It also contains a high concentration of polyphenols, excellent for the immune system and neutralizes the activity of free radicals responsible for oxidation and therefore aging of our cells. Who says white tea, also says anti-aging! Antioxidants also help eliminate toxins, keeping skin healthy and free of skin damage caused by acne.

Black tea; the only fermented tea.

The fermentation of black tea gives it its unique flavour and offers interesting benefits. Rich in caffeine, theobromine, and theaflavin, black tea has slimming properties and stimulates the body. Its cosmetic contribution lies in the level of hydration and purification of the skin, not to mention its action on the appearance of cellulite.

Blue tea; the most complete.

Less known than other colours, blue tea (Oolong) has both the antioxidant virtues of green and white teas and the stimulating power of black tea. Semi-fermented, it promotes a healthy and natural weight loss and enhances the radiance of the skin. Perfect for sensitive skin!

It is no coincidence that we have placed tea at the center of our philosophy and the composition of Teaology products. Our technique has allowed highlighting the benefits of tea as well as those of several flowers, plants, and essential oils to give birth to amazing products; these are composed of reassuring ingredients to which is added a unique technology that sublimates without denaturing the natural properties of the bases.

Teaology products are innovative tea-based treatments that will give you a feeling of well-being and skin that's more than perfect. And you, what colour of tea do you want to try?

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