Teaology Skincare is a brand that evolved from its founders' combined passion for the wonders of Tea and the science of natural beauty.

Groundbreaking research in Teaology's laboratory has produced a uniquely efficient combination of natural ingredients to completely transform the complexion with 100% vegan ingredients and no harmful chemicals.

Tea has been used for thousands of years as a health and beauty treatment. Its extraordinary anti-aging and energizing properties are finally combined with a luxury skincare line, using Teaology's patent-pending heat infusion process.

The sensuous, calming fragrances of the various types of tea enhance the enjoyment of a highly effective beauty ritual. 

Teaology’s story began in the romantic landscapes of Italy. Cecilia Garofano, seasoned professional of the European cosmetics industry, had worked many years for some of the biggest names in beauty. Outside of work, she had cultivated an ever-growing passion for tea. 

As her research deepened over the years, Cecilia became increasingly interested in the tea plant’s health-enhancing and potentially beautifying properties. It was in the course of her travels, as she discovered tea houses and the tea ceremony, that her idea sparked; she would fuse her professional experience with her passion for this miraculous plant.

Joined by her husband Paolo, with their 40 years combined experience in the skincare industry, she drew her plans for a skincare line that would contain the potent compounds of Camellia Sinensis. But the question remained, how would they confer the beautifying benefits of tea to the skin?

Needless to say, they did their research. The couple paired up with a team of chemists, and worked tirelessly to develop a unique and patented cosmetic process, whereby the product’s entire water content would be replaced by a 100% tea infusion. This revolutionary discovery gave them no choice but to dedicate themselves full-time to this project. 

The spirit of innovation continues to fuel Teaology, as our researchers tirelessly seek ways to combine the revitalizing power of tea with the latest developments in natural skincare to create the most effective clean beauty line in the world. The brand has a passionate following in 22 countries worldwide, with the USA joining as the 23rd. 

Cecilia and Paolo are not content just with bringing the benefits of tea to skincare. They are equally committed to championing the communities that grow this miraculous plant. Teaology sources its organically-grown tea only from countries where cultivation and harvesting take place with respect for the environment, biodiversity and workers.

The couple has launched a program called TeaologyCARE, to promote the well-being of communities of women that work in the traditional tea harvesting and processing trade and to protect biodiversity. Read more about TeaologyCARE here