Matcha BeauTEA Moment

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Limited Edition

A winning trio to preserve aging skin. Thanks to the exceptional powers of Matcha.

Step 1. Rejuvenate your skin with the Matcha Tea Face and Neck Mask

The matcha tea infusion enhances the moisturizing and regenerating action of organic argan oil as well as the plumping effect of centella asiatica extract. Precious thermal trace elements purify, while omega 6 fatty acids elasticize and firm the skin. In 10 minutes, the skin is reboosted!

Step 2. Hydrate & Firm your skin with the Matcha Ultra-Firming Face Cream

Thanks to its 9 Botanicals Active Complex, this cream visibly firms, re-densifies, and smoothes the skin. Its potent natural green pigments correct blemishes and brighten skin complexion.

Step 3. Enjoy the OatBox perfect Matcha and white chocolate Oatmeal

A real tastebud treat! We are introducing this delicious matcha and white chocolate OATBOX oatmeal in our beautea ritual to take care of your skin from the inside and awaken your senses. Enjoy!

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