The Home Spa Ritual

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Treat yourself to a spa day, everyday! 

Jasmine Tea Firming Body Cream - Body Cream

This cream combat loss of tone and slackening with its instant lifting effect. It restructures and moisturizes the skin for improved elasticity, and its soft velvety texture leaves the skin silky smooth without being greasy.

Green Tea Reshaping Body Scrub Body Detox 

This exfoliating scrub removes dead cells and impurities and gives the skin toning, energizing and rejuvenating effects.

Green Tea Detoxing and Reshaping Bath Salts - Bath Detox 

This detoxifying and reshaping body treatment dissolves in the bath, releasing its therapeutic caffeine and Centella Asiatica extract. 

Black Rose Tea Hand Cream Hand Treatment

Protect hands and nails from external damages and always keep them hydrated, soft, and fragrant with a treatment that repairs, nourishes, and reinforces.

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